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En sevdiğin tatil fotoğrafını #corendonsmile hashtagi ile paylaş, bizi mention'la, gidiş-dönüş uçak bileti kazan!

The Corendon Airlines #corendonsmile hashtag competition, organized by Corendon Airlines at @Corendon Airlines Instagram. Not sponsored by Instagram; no relation with Instagram.
1) Participation is on Instagram, from September 1st until November 30th 2017. The winner will be announced on December 6th 2017 on the Corendon_Airlines Instagram page.
2) Corendon Airlines has the right to cancel the competition, and to change data, conditions and prize(s). The competitorsParticipants declare and commit to agree in advance to refrain from not to submitting a complaint at any time.
3) To win a prize, the page Linkleri görmeye yetkiniz yok. Kayit olun veya giris yapin page should be followed.
4) Competitors can place their best holiday picture under the label @corendon_airlines and referring to #corendonsmile hashtag.
5) Participation to in the competition is free of charge.
6) To share the picture, the competitor’s participant’s profile should be open for to everyone.
7) After November 30th 2017, the last date of the competition, one (1) winning picture will be selected by the jury and the participant will receive one (1) prize. The prize for the winner is a return ticket for two (2) persons to one of Corendon Airlines’ flight destinations.
8) The winner will receive via Instagram a private message via Instagram with contact information.
9) The winner’s personal data should be the same as the contact information supplied by the competitor.
10) The prize can not be changed; is not transferable to third parties and/or is not payable in moneycash.
11) Corendon Airlines has the right to disqualify fraudulent committing participants. In such a case, if there is a any prize won involved, then the prize will go to the next selected entry.
12) Those wishing to Competitors compete should participate with their real profile. In If the case incorrect contact information was is supplied by the competitorparticipant, Corendon Airlines is shall not be liable for any consequences.
13) The name of the winner(s) will be used by Corenden Airlines at all any times and in any chosen manner in written or digital publicity and media (TV, internet, magazines, pop magazines).

Linkleri görmeye yetkiniz yok. Kayit olun veya giris yapin
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